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The Best Digital Strategies in Nonprofit Marketing

The Best Digital Strategies in Nonprofit Marketing

More often than not, your marketing team is challenged to do more with less. As a nonprofit employee, you’re probably overwhelmed with more tasks than you have time for while trying to recruit volunteers, enlist new donors, and extend your organization’s reach. Does this sound like your nonprofit organization? If so, it’s time to consider adding some solid digital strategies to your nonprofit’s marketing plan. Because every nonprofit is different in terms of size, budget, and mission, how and why they engage with their supporters is not a one size fits all situation. Below we look at some of the best digital models you can incorporate into your nonprofit marketing plan. 


What Does Digital Marketing in a Nonprofit Organization Look Like? 

While many nonprofits neglect to utilize digital-first models in their marketing plan, they often don’t realize this type of marketing can pay for itself! A digital strategy can help support and improve your nonprofit by leveraging the power of data! On a large-scale approach, this can look like a complete digital transformation around reporting to funders, or on a smaller scale, sending a highly personalized email communication with the touch of a button. Curious where your organization stands on the Digital Maturity Scale? Download our Digital Maturity E-Book


With a practical plan in place, you can: 


  • Attract Funding – One of the most critical aspects of your nonprofit is gaining funds from your supporters. Without donations and support from volunteers, your nonprofit will eventually close its doors. Digital marketing can help get your organization noticed and receive the funding you deserve. 
  • Raise Awareness – By sharing your nonprofit’s voice and story online, you can increase brand recognition to a global audience. 
  • Build Long-Term Donor Support – Incorporating innovative digital strategies into your marketing plan can help recruit new supporters and remind past donors to continue contributing to your organization. 
  • Improve Online Visibility – Stand out from the crowd and be seen and heard in an oversaturated environment with a robust online presence. 
  • Build Credibility – A resourceful digital plan takes your supporters through your nonprofit’s journey. You will gain their trust and build loyalty with past and potential donors. 


A Recipe for Digital Success 

The past two years have been anything but normal. Operations within your organization are likely different than they have been. You’re probably looking for ways to refresh your processes and: 


  • Keep your team productive and connected while working from home 
  • Develop highly relevant and effective communications that cut through the clutter in your constituent’s inboxes
  • Diversify revenue and make up for budget shortfalls 
  • Create impactful experiences through virtual events
  • Meet the evolving needs of your communities 


That’s why your nonprofit marketing plan should be packed with actionable strategies—like incorporating Salesforce Marketing Services from KELL Partners.


3 Key Digital Marketing Strategies for a Nonprofit Organization

In the ever-changing digital landscape we find ourselves in today, it’s crucial to remember that these changes do not work well with rigid or outdated models from the 90s or even two years ago. It’s time to structure your nonprofit to instill a culture of data-based decision-making that is flexible, resilient, and capable of shifting courses as needed! That’s where we come in. We offer services to help you connect every part of your organization in support of a completely digital model. With our implementation services, we can help empower your nonprofit to find and engage with every type of donor, volunteer, advocate, and subscriber, while delivering an experience that exceeds their expectations. 


Knowing and Segmenting Your Supporters 

Your donors want to be known as more than just a funding tool. They want to be fully ingrained in your nonprofit and acknowledged for all their support. Knowing exactly who your donors are requires excellent data and excellent data comes from integrated technology that can segment and automate communications based on constituent attributes and past activities. 


Utilizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Pardot can help you obtain critical answers about donors and fundraising performance in real-time. Relying on the same set of messages for every donor and prospect won’t work, and with Salesforce, you can begin creating empathetic supporter journeys to build a more personalized outreach.  


Did you know that only 26% of nonprofit professionals say they have good data in their CRM system? With Salesforce, your organization can begin its journey of a digital-first mindset to help you find and engage donors, volunteers, and supporters for life. 


Leveraging Donor Data

Your nonprofit thrives on its data. Capturing clean and robust data about your constituents is the foundation of your organization, and it can help enhance donor experiences. When you have an accurate history of donor data, you can create the most effective and personalized experience possible, especially when returning to those supporters for their end-of-year appeals. Installing platforms, such as Salesforce Insights Platform Data Integrity, can help speed up these processes, dedupe data, and merge capabilities.


Did you know that 47% of nonprofits have problems capturing and managing accurate data on their constituents? When you utilize Salesforce, you can save valuable time by automating manual tasks, accurately forecasting and predicting giving for the upcoming year, and hyper-segment your audiences for a better donor experience. 


Virtualizing Events

It’s likely your nonprofit earns a large chunk of its revenue from fundraising events. In dealing with the effects of the pandemic, many organizations had to pivot and find new ways to operate their in-person events. With Salesforce AppExchange products like Classy and Soapbox Engage, you can take your entire event online and give your virtualized affair an in-person feel, which has helped many nonprofits over the past two years not only hit their fundraising goals but far surpass them, raising as much awareness as an in-person event and reaching new audiences, for a lot less cost. 


Did you know that 65% of nonprofit respondents said they had to pivot their fundraising efforts to online galas and virtual events?


Why Choose KELL Partners?

Do you need help executing intelligent marketing strategies for your nonprofit organization? While it’s tempting to incorporate all available approaches for your campaigns, your best bet is to take the time to learn which ones will work best for your association. It is crucial to remember that marketing in a nonprofit organization aims to appeal to the most people possible to support your cause through various channels. You can count on KELL Partners to help with your efforts. We have helped over 1,700 nonprofits successfully implement Salesforce to support their missions. Our team is here to support your organization to go further and faster with Salesforce. Ready to get started? Contact one of our experts today!