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Meet the Team

Tompkins "Tommy" Spann

Tompkins Spann

Tompkins "Tommy" Spann

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

There has never been a technology more powerful, more flexible and more impactful than the Salesforce platform for the nonprofit market. Nonprofits and education-based organizations all over the world are eligible for the Power of Us grant, providing a tremendous head-start on their implementation. Yet navigating this powerful platform can be overwhelming. With such great technology come millions of questions and scenarios, assumptions and misconceptions, grand ideas and incredible potential. I see KELL serving the role of pathfinder to our clients. We love the challenge of problem solving, no matter how complicated. Since my first introduction to Salesforce in 2002, and helping developing my first Salesforce application in 2007 I've enjoying helping others find their path, whether that's helping clients, or coworkers or partners.

At KELL we're not a flashy business that makes big headlines, and to be honest, we don't want to be flashy. We have built a business with a clear focus, modest and attainable goals, and a values-based discipline that guides all of our decisions. I'm proud of what we've built, and I'm proud of how we've done it.

What’s something you like about the Salesforce technology?

I love the power of automation. Salesforce makes it possible to automate common tasks and to bring efficiency to people's jobs. I've never been someone who's comfortable with repetitive work, it drives me crazy. Every time I solve a problem I determine whether that solution could or should be replicated, so that either myself or a coworker could avoid the same problem I just solved. Salesforce makes this possible and provides multiple methods for driving efficiency in all types of repetitive work.

  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant