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Meet the Team

Sarah Palazzolo

Sarah Palazzolo

Sarah Palazzolo

Account Executive

I have been working with nonprofits and technology for over 15 years.  I started my career working at YMCA of the USA helping to train and educate local affiliates to adopt membership software.  Seeing the power of how technology helped the YMCA grow got me hooked. I am dedicated to supporting nonprofits to scale and streamline their work to help achieve their mission.  My personal goal is to continue the dedication of volunteering for local organizations in my free time.

What's something you like about the Salesforce technology?

The fact that Salesforce can work for a small organization to a very large one is exciting.  Salesforce allows nonprofits to think outside the box and achieve things they couldn’t in other platforms.  It allows nonprofits to grow and change as their needs and the world changes.

Why do you like working for KELL?

The KELL team is the brightest and hardest working group I have ever been a part of.  KELL is a family first company.  As a parent that gives me peace of mind while enjoying our work environment.  Everyone shares a passion to help nonprofits and that makes KELL unique!