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Meet the Team


Jessica Warr


Pronouns: she/her

I love working with diverse nonprofits doing amazing work in our communities and for our world. I firmly believe nonprofits can change the world. Helping our clients streamline their processes, lessen their technology workload and capture more fundraising dollars and supporters by implementing Salesforce (not to mention saving time!), brings me so much joy.

What do you like about Salesforce technology?

I previously worked at a nonprofit who implemented Salesforce so I know firsthand the drastic shift that such a robust and dynamic system can offer the staff, donors, volunteers, clients – endless possibilities! Salesforce technology is constantly evolving and the system continues to improve based on feedback from users. The scalability of Salesforce allows small or new nonprofits the ability to grow their database as they grow and/or their needs change.

Why do you like working at KELL?

As an enthusiastic nonprofit champion, I wanted to join KELL to help other nonprofits implement and utilize the vast capabilities that Salesforce has to offer. I’m so thrilled to be part of such a creative, smart and capable team! True collaboration is what sets the team apart. Everyone is always willing to lend a hand or some expertise to a project you are working on and that trait, both of each employee and the team as a whole, is truly invaluable.


Sales force certified