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Meet the Team

Greer Zimmerman

Greer Zimmerman

Greer Zimmerman

Configuration Specialist

I finished high school hoping to be a internationally recognized mathematician (I'm not). In college I discovered my passion for the outdoors, environmental justice, and community organization. Today I have found I am happiest  somewhere in between. I am passionate about helping nonprofits reach new heights with their missions,  and I also love getting down in some Salesforce process automation. I'm fortunate that I have found a job where I get to engage with coworkers and clients who are driven by the same missions that I am every day.

What’s something you like about the Salesforce technology?

My job at KELL is to listen, interpret, and to craft solutions for my clients that will help them be more excited about their work, and be more excited about their database. What I find so exciting about Salesforce is the limitless possibilities for solutions it provides with a little imagination and problem solving. I love that moment when I get to take a time-absorbing task that a client does every day, and turn it into a behind-the-scenes process that they never have to think about again – and so they can put that time to better use!

Why do you like working at KELL?

I have literally never worked at, or heard of a working environment quite like KELL. Each group is so knowledgeable and committed to our clients and to working as team to make sure that everyone is supported and can achieve success. I worked as the solo “accidental admin” for years, and then as a solo contractor. Having a team on which I can rely on for support, both technical and personal, allows me to make better solutions for my clients. 

  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Salesforce Platform App Builder