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Meet the Team

Devohne Moore

Devohne Moore

Devohne Moore

Project Manager

Pronouns: they/them

Before coming to KELL I was helping nonprofits spin up instances of Salesforce pro bono. I joined KELL to be able to extend my reach and help contribute to making the world a better place by enabling nonprofits level up and improve all aspects of their data collection process. Learning how to administer Salesforce, via a nonprofit, has really enlightened me as to how nonprofits are truly making daily impacts within communities and across the nation. Having experience with nonprofits both large, small, national, and local I think help contribute to my overall passion to make my footprint better by helping and working with/for others.

What’s something you like about the Salesforce technology?

What I really like about the Salesforce technology is how it enables those with as much or as little technical experience to really leverage a POWERFUL platform. I think then pulling in external help like myself or other KELL team members to unlock that understanding of the technology can really enable any organization to maximum efficiency in a reasonable amount of time.

Why do you like working for KELL?

I love working at KELL for so many reasons but one of the top reasons I love working here is having a true sense of community and family amongst co-workers, while this is awesome for internal feeling and empowerment to perform best while at work, it also helps our clientele because all of our team is so versed in many different subjects of Salesforce allowing us to form a collective powerhouse of knowledge which we are then able to share with our clients and internally across peers.

  • Salesforce Administrator