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Meet the Team

Chava Hassan

Chava Hassan

Chava Hassan

Project Manager

I have spent the last 15 years in the nonprofit sector, as a community organizer, a volunteer manager, an operations director, and more. I found that at each organization, I quickly became the “go-to” person on whatever database we were using. And then at my most recent job, I was hired to take on the behemoth that is Salesforce. And I jumped in head first. I quickly began spending my free time setting up app integrations, dashboards, processes – because it felt like solving a puzzle and I loved it! I loved finding solutions to problems, I loved creating automation when there had been only manual processes, and I loved training others and helping to make their job easier using Salesforce. 

What’s something you like about the Salesforce technology?

What hooked me on Salesforce was the sheer vastness of its potential. This felt very overwhelming at first, faced with the daunting task of getting started. It was a little too easy to get lost in the possibilities. But if you create a game plan, and think through what you need to function as an organization, Salesforce can almost always meet a nonprofit’s needs. And, most importantly, once set up, the system allows the team to focus on what really matters - the organization’s mission.

Why do you like working for KELL?

As a passionate nonprofit advocate, a process-loving project manager, and an enthusiastic Salesforce admin, KELL feels like home. The team and the leadership are so supportive, helpful, and welcoming. And the culture of the company is one of constant learning, it is values-driven, and it is exceptionally collaborative.

  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Nonprofit Cloud Certification