Annie McNichol - KELL Partners
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Meet the Team


Annie McNichol


As a part of the KELL Partners services team, my clients are my KELL team members. I strive to keep things humming and moving along in the background and I ask myself the same question each day, “how can what I am doing help my team achieve timely, accurate, and desirable results for their clients?”. 

What is something you like about the Salesforce technology?

I enjoy how collaborative Salesforce is for my job. I find the Chatter feature invaluable in that it provides a permanent searchable record of discussions with team members that can serve as answers and best practices for similar scenarios down the road.

Why do you like working for KELL?

The leadership and team members throughout KELL are happy, fun, bright, genuinely helpful folks that do not wish to see any team member left behind or out of the loop. The energy and knowledge that each of my KELL team members exude is contagious and I am infected!  Having the opportunity to be a part of the KELL team has provided countless benefits for me, namely, not only preaching family first, but truly and actively fostering it through a flexible work environment.