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Anna Geeroms

Anna Geeroms

Anna Geeroms

Project Manager

My passion is helping nonprofits harness technology to increase their impact. As a consultant, I’ve worn many hats: project manager, business analyst, and information architect, to name a few. Over the past 20 years, I’ve served health authorities, advocacy organizations, social and environment nonprofits, unions, libraries, schools, and other civil society clients. I’ve also worked as a Salesforce architect for a national nonprofit and built a member-based society, which grew to 16,000 members. With a background in web design, I’m a champion for human-centered design, delivering software solutions that empower users and transform their daily work. I lead projects intuitively and build strong and transparent relationships. I’m good zooming in and out, tracking minute details while maintaining a focus on the overall project success.

As a mother of twins, I’ve learned to breathe and appreciate the little things. When life is chaotic, I keep plodding along in the right direction. I make lists and I take pictures, so I can look back on my accomplishments and see how truly blessed I’ve been.

What’s something you like about the Salesforce technology?

When I started my professional life, there was so much inefficiency! I remember having 3 databases, and constantly having to export/import to move data between systems. When I discovered Salesforce, it was like magic! I was immediately taken with easy how easy it is to use and how much can be accomplished declaratively. Salesforce empowers people in place to grow the system and respond to change. Also, Salesforce makes it easy to harness your data to make smart decisions, to deepen the organization's connection with constituents.

Why do you like working for KELL?

The KELL Partners people and culture feel like coming home. I can be authentic and that I’m challenged and supported to be my best self.

  • Salesforce Administrator