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Systems Integration Services

Let KELL help you choose the right solutions for integrating your systems.
Systems Integration Services

The word "integration" is often over-used and misunderstood. With Salesforce there are many existing options ranging in functionality and price. Yet when a custom integration is required, let KELL perform the heavy-lifting and develop the solution tailored to your needs. Either way, we can help.

KELL Can Help With Any of The Following:
Salesforce Certified Professionals
  • Existing "productized" integrations 
  • A one-way data push using a tool like Zapier
  • A customized bi-directional solution using a middleware application like Scribe
  • A regular and repeatable batch import/export of records
  • API integration of records in real-time
  • Custom desktop or server applications
Buy over build whenever possible

It's increasingly common that your need for an integration has been previously developed by an existing vendor. Let KELL help you evaluate existing integration options before considering a custom approach.

Buy Over Build
Middleware to the Rescue!

With products like Scribe, Informatica, Zapier, and Workato improving rapidly, the need for custom code is shrinking. KELL can help develop a integration solution to solve many complex requirements using an existing middleware product, thereby lowering your cost and increasing your self-sufficiency to make future changes as your needs evolve.

Middleware to the Rescue
Custom Systems Integration

When existing products and middleware are not possible, KELL can create a custom integration to match your needs. Whether it is developing a desktop or server-side application, a Salesforce application, or a custom API-based integration in the cloud, our engineers can match the capabilities of your systems to create a custom solution for your needs.

Custom Systems Integration
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