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Student and Alumni Engagement

Engage Students, Parents and Alumni with the Right Message at the Right Time



Student Engagement

Give your students and their families the information they need to get involved and stay involved on campus.  There are a lot of activities on your campus, but not all are relevant to everyone.  Salesforce provides tools to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.  


Student Engagement

Providing your students with the information they need to get involved and stay engaged on your campus is a challenge.  Your website, online portal, email and SMS messaging must work together to allow students to find and absorb the information when they need it.  Let KELL help you choose and implement the right tool for your needs.

student engagement
Alumni Engagement

Continue the relationship with your students beyond graduation through personalized communications about events, news, and opportunities to support the school. Personalize each interaction with your alumni with content based on their engagement while a student and since leaving your campus. Easily see each connection point to clubs, sports, academic achievements, faculty and fellow students for better engagement planning. Let KELL help you choose the right tool for your needs.

alumni engagement
Online Portal

Using Salesforce Communities, KELL can design a portal to help your students, parents or alumni stay engaged with your school. Provide real-time access to information on file at your school, capture new information when needed, provide access to content that is restricted from public visitors and create a collaboration forum for students and families to directly engage in peer communications.

Marketing Automation and Email Marketing

Salesforce offers marketing automation products that can help you engage more effectively with your students, and align your mission with your marketing and fundraising efforts. With marketing automation, your Admissions and Advancement staff can work as a single, cohesive team to create the right journey for every type of student, family, alumni and supporter.

marketing cloud
Engagement Dashboards and Reports

The KELL team can create dashboards and reports to get critical answers about who is involved on your campus and who is not.  Quickly understand who is engaged and at what level to gain a more holistic perspective on your students and alumni.

reports and dashboards
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