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Strategic Data Intelligence

Your Data Tells a Story. Are You Listening?
Strategic Data Intelligence

Are you ready to move beyond standard Salesforce fundraising reports and donor dashboards? Do you struggle to apply fundraising “best practices” to your organization’s unique needs and situation? KELL’s Strategic Data Intelligence services can help turn your organization’s raw donor data into actionable strategies to improve your fundraising efforts.

KELL's Strategic Data Intelligence Services Help Your Organization:
Salesforce Additional Data Services
  • Unearth trends and opportunities in your CRM data
  • Analyze your fundraising performance from a variety of perspectives including channels, programs and retention
  • Understand and communicate the stories your data is telling
  • Apply best practice expertise to your organization's data and goals
  • Support leadership discussions about fundraising goals and strategies
  • Create relevant segments of donors and contacts that represent target opportunities
Fundraising Performance Analysis

KELL’s experts will conduct a periodic comprehensive analysis of your CRM data to identify trends and potential opportunities. Our analysis will look at your fundraising performance from a variety of perspectives including retention, channels, programs, donor categories and donation frequency over time.

Fundraising Performance Analysis
What Story Does Your Data Tell?

Your data has a story to tell, but that story can be hard to understand if it’s only in the language of statistics, numbers or charts. The best stories are told in plain language and backed up by visual representations. KELL will translate analytical results into clear visual stories you can use for leadership presentations and board meetings as needed.

What Story Does Your Data Tell
Strategic Recommendations

We’ll work with your fundraising and leadership teams to review the results of our analysis to understand what your data is telling you and how you can leverage the opportunities you have in the context of your organization’s goals and strategies.

Strategic Recommendations
Actionable Campaign Setup

Because our Strategic Data Intelligence uses your actual data, we can easily translate our recommendations into actionable Campaigns that are segmented and ready to use within your Salesforce instance. 

Actionable Campaign Setup
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