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Marketing Cloud

Don't Just Send Emails.
Build Relationships.

Marketing Cloud

Your stakeholders are continually bombarded with digital and social media messages vying for their attention. To rise above this noise, you need to create and grow individual relationships with prospects, donors and constituents at all levels, and speak to each of them in a consistent and personal way. Marketing Cloud offers the tools to do this, and KELL Partners can help activate these tools to support the mission of your institution.

KELL’s Marketing Cloud Services Can Help With:
Salesforce Marketing Automation


  • Marketing Cloud setup and configuration
  • Setting up initial campaigns and personalized journeys
  • Integration with Salesforce and other systems
  • Creating templates and other brand assets
  • Translating marketing plans to specific Marketing Cloud activities
  • Training your team

If you’re new to Marketing Cloud, we can help you navigate the configuration process to make sure you start off right with this powerful technology. This includes behind-the-scenes configuration as well as constituent-facing templates and a communication preference center. For those already using Marketing Cloud, we can audit your account and the tools you’re using to ensure you’re maximizing your efficiency and your investment – and most importantly, your results.

Email Marketing

KELL Partners’ Marketing Cloud services help you dramatically improve the sophistication and effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. Leverage your data to deliver customized communications with dynamic content and consistent branding based on the behavior and preferences of your donors and constituents.

Email Marketing
Journey Builder

With KELL’s Journey Builder support, your team can create highly personalized, behavior-based digital campaigns that target and nurture prospects one-to-one. Our Journey Builder experts can help you execute a strategy that leverages the best technology to turn prospects into donors and constituents.

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder
Mobile Marketing

Salesforce Marketing Cloud lets you incorporate mobile messaging into your communications strategy to meet your donors, constituents and other stakeholders wherever they are. KELL Partners provides the technical configuration, training and support to create, target, send and track mobile messaging, including SMS marketing campaigns.

Marketing Cloud Mobile
Social Media Engagement

Be a part of the social conversations that shape your organization’s cause. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can identify, listen and engage in social conversations to drive deeper relationships with stakeholders. You can also track the performance of your efforts to improve their effectiveness and justify ongoing investments.  

Marketing Cloud Social
Lifecycle Automation

KELL Partners will help you leverage Marketing Cloud to deliver more targeted and personalized messages across the lifecycle of your organization’s activities. From automating drip campaigns to user-triggered email and SMS campaigns, our Marketing Cloud experts can help your team be more effective at leveraging data to drive results.

Lifecycle Automation
Custom Subscription / Preferences Center

The most effective communications are those that match the preferences of your donors and constituents. We’ll help you build a custom subscription and preference center so you can capture demographic, preference and interest data, and deliver the right content through the right channel at the right frequency.

Preferences Center

KELL Partners offers customized training to help you learn the ins and outs of your Marketing Cloud account, from account configuration and email marketing basics to more advanced features like segmentation, A/B testing, mobile and more. We offer personalized, train-the-trainer and/or remote training based on your needs and preferences.


Catalyst Program

KELL’s Catalyst Program helps you realize value from your Marketing Cloud investment more quickly and efficiently. Our Marketing Cloud experts will analyze your organization’s mission, priorities and goals to develop a functionality and activation roadmap that maximizes the value of Marketing Cloud based on your staffing and support resources.

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