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Fund Allocations

KELL Fund Allocations

A Smarter Way To Manage
Gifts & Allocations In


With Fund Allocations, you can create funds to track where your gifts are allocated, easily split gifts between multiple funds, set goals per fund and then export (and lock) all necessary records for your bookkeeping solution.

Manage Funds

Create individual funds to track where your donations are applied. Allocate gifts between two or more funds when requested and establish a default fund per Campaign to have that fund automatically applied to any associated gift. 

Manage Funds
Set Fund Goals

Create goals for your fundraising and automatically track progress towards each goal. You choose whether the goal is based on a count of gifts or the total amount of gifts, choose the period and then automatically measure progress.

Set Fund Goals
Allocate by Opportunity or Payment

Choose whether to manage allocations at the Salesforce Opportunity level (for accrual accounting) or at the Payment (cash accounting). Allocation records are then linked at the appropriate record and easily managed.

Allocate by Opportunity or Payment
Post and Lock Donations and Allocations

Post donations individually or in a batch to lock down future accidental changes to the donation amount, date, campaign and fund allocations. Authorized staff users (e.g. bookkeeper) can selectively reverse a posted donation to modify as necessary. All post and reversal actions are audited automatically.

Postings and Reversals
Configure Settings

Choose whether to allocate funds at the Opportunity or Payment level, establish a default fund, set validation rules, post settings and identify authorized staff users for reversal actions.

Configure Settings




No fees or costs. Simply download the SmartPack from the Salesforce Appexchange.

The Fund Allocations SmartPack is available on the Appexchange and has passed all Salesforce security requirements. As a fully managed app, you also get the advantage of future enhancements as we continue to add them. 

  • No fees or costs
  • Easy to download and install
  • Fully documented



Guided Implementation

We'll help you get started with expert assistance and best practices.

We'll help you install and configure, then consult with your team on how best to manage your allocations. Best for organizations that:

  • Have multiple giving types and allocation criteria 
  • Need an integration with your accounting system
  • Require help migrating from NPSP's GAU
  • Lack technical administration staff to expertly implement the package


"This tool has been essential to using Salesforce as a nonprofit. Being able to track fund allocations on our donations has made reconciliation with our Finance team so much easier because we can track the revenue at a granular level. The posting functionality creates an audit trail so we can track what changes are made after reconciliation and confirm that everything matches up in both ledgers at the end of the year. Posting also gives us additional security on our reconciliation donations so we know when and why changes are made (and can restrict who can make them)."

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