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Data Migration Services

Confidently Move Your Data 

Whether you’re just getting started with Salesforce or have finally decided to bring that aging programs database into the modern cloud era, we can help. We’ve completed more than 1,500 data migrations for our clients converting every possible source into an enriched, relational data structure that helps your organization optimize the value of your data resources.

We offer data migration solutions for organizations that need to move data from:

1500+ Data Migrations

  • Legacy Products like The Raiser's Edge, DonorPerfect, eTapestry, Abila/Sage and Others
  • Custom/proprietary systems using SQL, Oracle, Filemaker, etc.
  • Spreadsheets and flat files

We will transform your data, safely move it, and verify your data’s integrity within Salesforce.

Mapping and Planning the Transformation

Every data migration begins with a plan, detailed in the data map. This plan determines not just the field mapping, but how your data will be transformed and improved to support your initiatives and analysis.

Mapping and Planning the Transformation
Database Standardization & Contact Data Quality

The most robust constituent database is worthless if it contains dirty data. We provide de-duplication, data cleansing, as well as name and address standardization services to ensure your data is optimized for both consistency and accuracy as part of every migration.

Database Standardization & Contact Data Quality

Households within Salesforce allow you to create a relationship in your data that groups contacts together. Each Household can have numerous contacts (donors) and opportunities (donations) associated with it. You define the household rules and we’ll do the work to consolidate your individual accounts into designated households.

Full Load Testing

We'll transform, clean, household and load your entire legacy data to Salesforce for your testing, then wipe it clean, grab an updated data set and do it all again. This approach ensures accurate testing, validation and quality control.

Data Testing
Differential Loads

You can continue using your legacy database during the transition process, then provide another full backup after we've finished and we'll perform a differential update, capturing any new or modified records since the migration.

Differential Loads
“Thanks to KELL Partners our complex and potentially risky migration project was completed quickly and relatively pain free. They helped us streamline and automate our processes by delivering high value-add solutions. Our project manager was responsive, attentive and thoughtful in helping us understand our data and how best to structure it in our new system.”

Our Process

Over the years and more than 1,500 projects later, we've developed a data migration framework that is secure, efficient, yet customized for each and every client to ensure no critical data is lost, and optimal results are achieved. Our methodology is based on the experience and the passion we have to help organizations like your reach their potential. You can trust KELL to handle your data with security and care.

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