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Canadian Receipting

KELL Canadian Tax Receipting for Salesforce

for Salesforce

Canadian Tax Receipting

The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) differentiates between a nonprofit organization and a registered charity in Canada. Only registered charities can legally issue tax receipts for donations. Each registered charity can set a minimum donation amount to qualify for a receipt. Should a registered charity decide to issue receipts there are some key requirements that must be met depending on the type of gift.

KELL has developed an application for Canadian Receipting that works with the Nonprofit Success Pack.

Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) Requirements:
  • Detailed and very specific information about the charity, the donor and the donation.
  • Unique receipt numbers for each gift, including a unique value for each replacement receipt and a reference to the original receipt for audit purposes.
  • The eligible amount and description of any advantage received by the donor as part of the donation.
Receipt Templates & Acknowledgements

With the KELL SmartPack for Canadian Receipting, your organization can combine customizable receipt templates with acknowledgement letters; as well as, an official tax receipt that matches your brand requirements. The SmartPack automatically assigns the appropriate template to every donation based on your criteria.

Field Merges & Customization

Receipt templates are fully customizable with merge fields, logos and design aesthetics, and adjustable field labels to accommodate either English or French on a template-by-template basis. This provides complete control of the acknowledgement letter and receipt template and their appropriate use.

Field Merges & Customization
Receipt Assignment Rules

Assignment rules control when a receipt template is used based on criteria from the Account, Contact, Opportunity or Campaign objects. Assignment rules are automatically applied when a receipt is generated. This allows for the right template and language to be applied to the right donation, every time.

Receipt Criteria
Generate Automatically or On Demand

Generate receipts either manually, automatically or on a specific schedule.  Manually generate receipts from a specific donation record or from a list view. Alternatively, choose to issue receipts automatically when donations are received. Lastly, choose scheduled jobs to run as often as every 10 minutes with filter criteria to issue receipts for specific donations.

Receipt Generation
Receipt Numbering & Replacements

Every receipt generated is provided a unique identification value (ID). Whether you generate one, or one hundred receipts for the same donation, each receipt is unique and linked to the original automatically. Additionally, if your organization needs to manage different receipt stacks, our SmartPack can accommodate one or more receipt number stack and assign the number sequence at the template level.

Receipt Numbering
Receipt Delivery Options

Receipts can be issued via email, printed individually or delivered in bulk. The delivery method is controlled by criteria you set based on values at either the Account, Contact and/or Opportunity. Additionally, you can generate a batch of receipting into a single PDF to be sent to the printer at the end of the day or when it is most convenient for your office.

Receipt Options
Receipt Voiding & Reissuing

If changes are made to a donation that would result in a receipt becoming invalid, the KELL SmartPack will automatically void the receipt. Once the donation meets the correct criteria, the donation will again become eligible for a receipt. Replacement receipts are automatically linked to the original receipt with the correct CRA required text declaring it is a replacement receipt.

Receipt Voiding & Reissuing

Full Compliance, Flexibility, and Efficiency

The KELL SmartPack for Canadian Receipting meets all criteria for the Canadian Revenue Agency, provides full customization of the templates, the issuing criteria, and the schedule, and automates the task of generating receipts.

The KELL SmartPack is a managed package, installed from the AppExchange, offered at NO COST. Your organization can choose to self-implement, or contract with KELL to help you get started.


Basic Implementation

We'll install and configure the SmartPack standard functionality to support your receipts.

The basic implementation is a guided service to help configure the Canadian Receipting SmartPack to match your needs. This service is best for organizations that:

  • Only issue receipts for single and recurring gifts
  • Do not manage multi-year pledges
  • Can utilize the standard receipt templates
  • Have no special receipting needs (i.e. foundations)


Custom Implementation

When your needs go beyond standard, let KELL help to match your unique requirements.

With a custom implementation of the Canadian Receipt SmartPack, KELL can configure the solution to support non-standard requirements, such as:.

  • Additional receipt templates or custom template layouts
  • Need to support multi-year pledges and other types of gifts
  • Special rules for gift acknowledgements (i.e. unique to special Funds or Campaigns)
  • Generating consolidated receipts


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