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Advancement and Fundraising

Advance your mission with more efficiency, visibility and performance.
Advancement and Fundraising

Empower your Advancement and Fundraising Team with the tools and information they need to cultivate new donors, grow gifts from existing supporters and better engage alumni to deepen their relationship with your school.



Grow Your Annual Fund

Whether you're a major university, a professional college or a small, private K-12 school, tracking your annual fund is critical to your advancement. KELL can help you structure Salesforce to track the key performance indicators that matter. Whether you're analyzing net new donors, evaluating trends from existing donors or looking for specific opportunities to increase engagement or giving, we'll make sure Salesforce is set up to make your team more efficient and effective in advancing your mission.

Manage Your Grant Lifecycle

From grant research to fund stewardship, KELL can help you track the funders, the deadlines, and the grant requirements, then create the automation that will allow your staff to work efficiently and stay abreast of all deadlines and requirements. After grants are awarded, your staff can then allocate the funds within your school or university and monitor specific tasks and stewardship commitments.

grant pipeline management
Optimize Your Events

Hosting events and tracking participation are key functions of your Advancement activities each year.  KELL can enable your team with the tools to easily host free or ticketed events with multiple levels, discount options, multiple registration sites, table seating and customizable registration forms. You'll then be able to leverage attendance and activity data to create engagements plans for donor acquisition, retention or upgrades.

event gala management
Integrate Online Giving

Making a donation from any device is now the norm. The KELL team can help you create a seamless donor experience across all platforms. Capture and securely process online donations directly into Salesforce in real-time. Create mobile-responsive donation forms using an easy-to-use form builder or using custom HTML.  Then it’s one click to see the results of your online giving programs in reports and dashboards designed for your needs.

Easily Analyze Performance

Your data has a story to tell. KELL will help you create the reports, dashboards and business intelligence analytics to reveal giving trends, identify fundraising opportunities, measure campaign goal attainment and analyze every important aspect of your fundraising.

reports dashboards
Data Migration

Whether you’re just getting started with Salesforce or have finally decided to bring that aging donor database into the modern cloud era, we can help. We’ve completed more than 1,000 data migrations for our clients and we’ll help you import, migrate, manipulate, dedupe and clean your data to provide ongoing insights for your educational institution. 

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