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Admissions and Enrollment

Take the File Folders Out of Your Admissions Process
Admissions and Enrollment

Automate your Admissions and Enrollment processes so your team can focus on building relationships with prospective students and cultivating relationships with current students rather than managing paperwork.



Streamline Online Admissions Process

KELL can help you reimagine your application process by offering an online experience that is easy to complete in one sitting or return to without starting over. All information and supplemental documents are stored on the student record and available to the admissions team for review from any location or device. Easily inform students of their application status and provide additional admissions information through personalized messaging. 

Applicant Pool Management

KELL can design a solution for your Admissions Team to score and view the data needed to make admissions decisions. For waitlist management, KELL can create a detailed view of the candidate pool, current available openings and the next best applicant for any open spaces.  

applicant pool
Enrollment Contract Generation

Provide your new and returning students with a paperless enrollment contract merged from their data in Salesforce and accept their digital signature with Docusign.  All documents and signatures can be attached to the student record for easy reference.  Your admissions team can easily see reports on missing documents and send reminders to each student and their family.

System Integration

KELL can help ensure that your admissions and enrollment process seamlessly integrates with your Student Information System (SIS). We'll help you select the integration option that is best for your organization whether it's an off-the-shelf application, middleware or a custom solution. KELL's integration experts will help make your integration easy.

System Integration
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