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What Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

You may be wondering, “What exactly is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?” How often are you scrolling on your phone when an ad for your favorite restaurant shows up right after you were talking about going there? Or did you receive an email about the shoes you have been wanting to buy? It may feel like your phone knows you, but in reality, it is the company’s marketing team knowing when to send the right message, at the right time. The Marketing Cloud is a product that Salesforce offers. It provides relevant and personalized journeys to its target audience. Marketers use processes such as Customer Journey Management, Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Social Studio, web personalization, advertising, content management and creation, and data analysis. All of these processes work together, so the marketer has the best idea on how to achieve their objectives. 

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

As you begin using this technology, you will unleash many benefits of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. First, you will realize that every customer is unique and has a journey. Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows each interaction with your customers to be personalized as they pride their customer experience as “a lifelong experience with your brand”. 

It is also not always easy to understand your consumer base. Using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to collect all the data of your marketing processes. You will be able to see everything you need to know about your customers. Your customers are important to you and your company. Therefore, you want to provide them with a personalized experience. Using the marketing cloud, you will be able to connect across a variety of customer touchpoints, making you a strong, customer-driven company. Since you have access to your customer’s data analytics, you will be able to send out personalized and targeted calls to action. You will be able to send out unique CTA’s to all your customers based on their interests and behaviors and you can also personalize these CTA’s even more by using different devices such as social, mobile, or email. Lastly, Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to deliver your marketing campaign any time, anywhere while still reaching your target audience! 

Why Choose KELL Partners

Now that you know what Salesforce marketing cloud is and how it operates, you may have decided to start your journey by finding a company that can activate these tools in the Austin area. Look no further than KELL Partners. We know how important your customers are to you, that is why we do not just want you to send emails, but we want you to build relationships with your customers. The Marketing Cloud is a lot, and it can be overwhelming. KELL Partners is here to help you navigate and explore this powerful technology. We will help with anything from email marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, and more! Being in business since 2009, we have over 1,000 clients to date. We want our clients to go further and faster with Salesforce!