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How Salesforce can Help Higher Education Institutions 

It is essential for college campuses to be connected through technology. Institutions must be completely aware of their faculty, students, alumni, parents, and donors. While it may seem nearly impossible for a higher education institution to have a 360-degree view of all these people, the revolution of Salesforce has made that possible. This has also assisted in the aiding times of virtual learning and remote teaching. These services have assisted in everything from admissions, recruitment, learning success, placement, and student support. As time progresses and colleges become more technologically advanced, it is hard to imagine a time when higher education institutions did not have Salesforce to help them operate.

The Best Way to Use Salesforce for Higher Education

You may be wondering, “What are the best ways to use Salesforce for my institution?” With Salesforce, institutions can store all of their prospective student’s data in one place. This will help with recruitment and admissions. Also, the Salesforce platform offers an advancement accelerator option. This will create engagement amongst students and alumni as they can see their interactions and relationships with their campuses. 

Similar to how marketers want to reach their customers, higher education institutions want to reach their students while each is on their own, unique journey. Through the marketing cloud, students, alumni, parents, donors, and faculty will all be able to be reached at what seems like the right time. Through email, mobile, and social, personalized messages can be shared whenever! It is also essential that a higher education institution has an easy-to-navigate website so students can find all the resources they are offered. With Salesforce, students are provided with a one-stop spot that ensures no student ever falls behind. The benefits of Salesforce are endless. Salesforce brings the brand and consumers together through technology! 

Why Choose KELL Partners

Once realizing the power of Salesforce for higher education institutions, you may begin to search Salesforce CRM for higher education”. Although using Salesforce seems like a no-brainer, you will want to ensure you are using all the tools correctly and getting the most out of all of its features! If you are in the Jollyville area, look no further than KELL Partners for Salesforce support. We pride ourselves on allowing our clients to go further and faster while being honest, professional, and proactive! At KELL Partners, we can guide you through all the different aspects of Salesforce. Being in business since 2009, we have the proper training and services to support your mission. Regarding higher education, we have expertise in advancement and fundraising, admission and enrollment, student and alumni engagement, marketing automation, and data migration. Contact us today to start your Salesforce journey!