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Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Certification

Here at KELL, we’ve been empowering nonprofit and education clients to reach their goals and further their impact with Salesforce for nearly a decade. We’ve watched as tens of thousands of organizations have adopted Salesforce and Dreamforce is now the largest annual technology conference for nonprofits. There is no denying this platform is radically changing the industry.


Salesforce’s focus on nonprofit organizations has never been stronger, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about their commitment to our industry. Last year, Salesforce announced the launch of the Nonprofit Cloud. While the underlying technology is a continuation of their core offering rather than a new product, it is nonetheless a big deal to have our own Cloud in the Salesforce world.

As an example, Salesforce now offers the Nonprofit Cloud Consultant certification. The exam covers the core content that any consultant working with nonprofits needs to have mastered:

  • NPSP Settings and Administration

  • Nonprofit Cloud Data Management

  • Nonprofit Cloud Analytics

  • Domain Expertise

  • Nonprofit Cloud Solution Design

  • Nonprofit Implementation Strategies and Best Practices

For a consultant, passing this exam shows they have the expertise needed to work independently with nonprofit clients. KELL has long required every services employee to pass the Administrator certification during their onboarding period. We’re now going to be requiring the Nonprofit Cloud Consultant certification as well. As a client, you now have a way of validating whether or not a consulting partner truly has nonprofit expertise, not just Salesforce expertise.

We know that there can be skepticism around the value of certifications. Certs aren’t Pokemon – you don’t have to catch them all. But we can say from experience that this one is legit. We had seven KELL team members participate in the beta exam process. They all agreed that the exam was challenging, the content was relevant – and – they all passed.

If you’re interested in obtaining the Nonprofit Cloud certification, follow these steps:

  1. Download the exam guide

  2. Visit this Trailmix on Trailhead

  3. Watch these pre-recorded functional videos

  4. Find a study group in the Power of Us Hub

  5. Then schedule your exam!

  6. After you pass, make sure to boast on social media and display your new shiny credentials on LinkedIn.

  7. Consider applying for a job at KELL 🙂

KELL knows Salesforce, and we know nonprofits. We’re happy to wear our Nonprofit Cloud Consultant certifications loud and proud. So congratulations to the first class of Nonprofit Cloud Consultants, here at KELL and beyond.