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Everything You Need All In One Place

  • Must-have apps
  • Optimal configurations
  • Guided deployment
  • On-going support
Salesforce Preferred Partner

Thinking of using the Salesforce NPSP but worried it might not include all the features you need out of the box?

KELL360™ fills in the gaps.

What Will KELL360™ Mean to You?

KELL360 Salesforce Deployment


Our expert team will guide you through every step of your Salesforce project from your needs analysis and deployment planning to implementation and roll out.

KELL360 Fully Featured for NonProfits


We start with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack as the baseline and add on the must-have apps Nonprofits need to run their organization.

KELL360 Salesforce Support


Our commitment to your success doesn’t end when you go live. Support is included so you’ll have the safety net you need if you have questions or encounter problems.

A Path A Plan & A Price

With over 150,000 hours invested, we’ve developed a proven deployment model to ensure Salesforce is implemented specifically to meet your organization’s unique needs, configured in the optimal sequence, and delivered at a price point to ensure your success.

Bundled for Your Success

KELL360™ starts with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack as the baseline and adds on the features that nonprofits must have to run their organization. Unlike managed packages, with KELL360™, you’ll have a baseline set of features and applications that can be further customized when needed, or even removed if desired.

Ongoing Support

Make your success a certainty. KELL360(tm) customized training, virtual administration and ongoing support provide a full menu of available services to ensure your team has everything they need to be successful after launch.

KELL360 = The Nonprofit Success Pack + Best Practices and Proven Solutions.


Make your Salesforce implementation success a certainty from day one with everything you need all in once place. See the details behind KELL360™


Nonprofit Success Pack and

See how KELL360™ compares when selecting the Nonprofit Starter Pack alone and the different implementation options offered.


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