KELL Partners Launches KELL360™ for Nonprofits Embarking on the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack - KELL Partners
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KELL Partners Launches KELL360™ for Nonprofits Embarking on the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

KELL360™ provides a simpler and accelerated path to success for nonprofits using Salesforce for donor and constituent management.

AUSTIN, TX (October 20, 2016) – KELL Partners, a consulting firm specializing in Salesforce solutions for nonprofits, has created KELL360™ as a bundled implementation solution for nonprofits built upon the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. Nonprofits utilizing KELL360™ will receive the key functionality, optimized configurations, best practices, and accelerated deployment services they need to quickly experience the value that Salesforce offers.

“Nonprofits require their CRM system to provide flexibility that is adaptable to their unique needs, and Salesforce provides that with the Nonprofit Success Pack and a wide range of plug-in applications. However, that same flexibility can create a sizable burden on the part of many organizations as they filter through all the options and integration complexities before even getting started,” said Sandra Jensen, Founder and President of KELL Partners. “Our goal with KELL360™ is to pull from our experience implementing Salesforce with more than 900 nonprofits to create a solution that provides best practices in a proven and predictable path to for our clients.

“Though KELL will always offer customization options for Salesforce, with KELL360™ we’re no longer building the same solution from scratch over and over. We’re helping nonprofits get started with a proven solution that’s flexible to support their current and future needs,” said Jensen.

KELL360™ includes the necessary applications, configurations, guided deployment, and on-going support a nonprofit needs to be successful with Salesforce — all in one place. Within the KELL360™ bundle, nonprofits will receive donor and constituent management functionality which includes integrated online donations, event management, email marketing, direct response, grant management, major gift management, and document merge automation, plus all of the goodness and flexibility that Salesforce already offers.

“KELL360™ provides a new approach for nonprofits embarking on Salesforce for the first time — it is less radical and more logical and practical. Our goal is to make success a certainty for our clients from day one,” said Tompkins Spann, KELL Partners Vice President of Business Development. “When nonprofits are evaluating a change from their existing donor database systems, they’re often looking for a solution that packages best practices with best-in-class functionality. Many organizations simply do not have the time and budget to invest in a custom solution, yet still want the flexibility the Salesforce platform offers. These are the nonprofits ideally suited for KELL360™. In combination with our ongoing support program, we can deliver immediate impact and drive long-term transformation for our nonprofit clients.”

About KELL Partners
KELL Partners is a consulting firm specializing in Salesforce solutions for nonprofits and educational institutions. KELL Partners has helped more than 1,500 organizations implement and train on the Salesforce platform. With services ranging from KELL360™, Marketing Cloud implementation, application development, data migration, system integration, and ongoing managed services, KELL Partners provides the expertise to set up and configure Salesforce, along with the hands-on training, guidance, ongoing support and consulting nonprofits need to ensure success.

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