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Are you in need of a solution to help empower your advancement and fundraising team in the Dallas area? If so, KELL Partners and Salesforce can help! We will provide the tools you need to target new donors, receive larger donations from current donors, and engage more. Optimizing events through Salesforce will allow you to deepen relationships and increase your fundraising efforts. Below we will further discuss how KELL Partners can help you with Salesforce technology.

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce provides effective CRM solutions to power your purpose. Salesforce helps nonprofit organizations and educational institutions increase fundraising efforts, engage and build deeper relationships with their target audience, and operate more effectively. Salesforce works with educational institutions of all sizes. Whether it is a K-12 school or a graduate school, Salesforce can find the solution to the issue you are facing. Salesforce operates on its four core values which are trust, customer success, innovation, and equality. Salesforce can provide your team with a solution as they have already helped so many other accredited organizations. Some members of their global community who they have already helped include Arizona State University, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, Greenpeace, and more. 

How To Increase Your Annual Fundraising in Dallas

Fundraising is vital when it comes to educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. Receiving donations allows you to advance. Our team at KELL Partners will work with you to find new donors, analyze trends of your current donors, and increase engagement with donors.

Managing Grants

With the use of Salesforce technology, KELL Partners can help you track your donors, donation deadlines, and grant requirements. This will allow you to meet all deadlines and requirements effectively and efficiently. 

Optimizing Events Through Salesforce

KELL Partners can help your team host events and track participation. This is very important when it comes to advancements. We will provide your team with the tools they need to host free or paid events. We will also help with discount options, multiple registration sites, table seating, and customized registration forms. Optimizing events through Salesforce will allow your team to leverage attendance and activity data. This is a great way to acquire new donors and retain existing ones.

Increasing Online Donations

Nowadays, making donations from a device is very common and much more convenient than methods of the past. People can make generous donations within seconds. You want to ensure your donation experience is easy for all devices and platforms. Salesforce can help you receive and securely process your online donations. KELL Partners will make this experience as smooth as possible for donors, which will make them more likely to donate again in the future. We can help you create a custom HTML to receive your donations. We will also provide you with a dashboard containing your reports and results to help you track your online donations.

Analyze Your Performance

Using Salesforce Analyzation and Event Optimization, KELL Partners will create reports, dashboards, and analytics to help you track trends, find funding opportunities, and measure your fundraising efforts. We will help you maximize your fundraising. Call us at 512-851-8411, and we will be happy to help you!