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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but data can tell a story. Data allows you to find solutions to your problems. Data provides you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Data helps you receive the results you want. Data increases efficiency. Data improves lives. KELL Partners’ strategic data intelligence services can convert your New Mexico organization’s raw donor data into sufficient strategies. This will allow you to improve your fundraising efforts and make a huge impact on your organization. It can be challenging to tell a story if your data is only in the form of numbers, charts, or statistics. Luckily for you, KELL Partners can translate these numerical and statistical results into a clear, visual story that can be used in presentations and board meetings.

How Our Strategic Data Intelligence Services Can Help

KELL’s Strategic Data Intelligence Services Help Your Organization in many ways. Our services can unearth trends and opportunities in your CRM data, analyze your fundraising performance, understand your data and communicate it as a story, apply the best practice expertise to your organization’s data and goals, support leadership discussion, and create relevant segments of donors and contacts that represent target opportunities.

Creating Strategic Recommendations

After analyzing your data, we will work closely with your fundraising and leadership teams to find strategic approaches to accomplish your organization’s goals. We will help you find the opportunities you need to maximize fundraising. We can assist you in advancing your mission with more efficiency, visibility, and performance.

Analyzing Fundraising Performance

Our team of experts of KELL Partners will thoroughly analyze the data we compile. After our comprehensive analysis, we will help you identify trends and potential opportunities for fundraising efforts. We will examine your fundraising performance based on its retention, channels, programs, donor categories, and frequency of donations. 

Why You Should Work with KELL Partners

Since 2009, KELL Partners has been helping nonprofit organizations and educational institutions in the New Mexico area accomplish their missions with the use of technology and improve efficiency and innovation. We help our clients make informed and smart decisions that will benefit them. We partnered with Salesforce in 2010, which has allowed us to help our valued clients even more with technology. We operate on our values which are, to be honest, professional, helpful, valuable, proactive, respectful, and put family first. We have helped over 1,700 clients from our start till now. We have over 250,000 service hours and have a 5-star rating on AppExchange. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals by maximizing fundraising efforts, engaging with their target audiences, analyzing their data to create solutions, and more. If you are interested in working with us to achieve your goals, you can reach us by calling 512-851-8411. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. KELL Partners is looking forward to working with you!