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Salesforce allows students, parents, and alumni to receive the right messages at the right time. Staying involved on campus is very important but finding activities relevant to you and your interests is also important. It can be challenging to get the right message to the right person at the right time, but with our salesforce student engagement technology, your facility can overcome that obstacle.

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM technology that serves nonprofit organizations and educational institutions in the Houston area by helping them fundraise, operate more effectively, and form stronger relationships with those who they serve. Salesforce can help educational institutions in various ways depending on their needs. Salesforce can help with recruitment and admissions, the student experience, advancement, marketing and communications, digital campus, and lifelong learning. Whether it is K-12 schools, universities, community colleges, or graduate schools, Salesforce can find the solution to your problem. KELL Partners has been a proud partner of Salesforce since 2010. Since then, our partnership has been helping students, alumni, and parents stay connected around the country.

Student Engagement in Houston with Salesforce

It is very important to get students involved on campus. Students can be active on their campus through various activities. Whether it is a club centered around their major or their interests, a community service group, or an intramural sports team, information on these activities must reach students so they are aware of them. Getting students involved on campus allows them to meet new people and participate in activities they love. Our Salesforce student engagement technology is precisely what your campus needs to get the message out to the right students at the right time!

Engaging Alumni of Your Campus

Besides engaging with students, it is also critical to engage with alumni. Continuing a relationship with former students of your campus makes them feel valued and welcomed. You can keep this relationship alive through personalized communications about events, news, and opportunities on campus. However you would like to connect with alumni of your campus, KELL Partners can decide which tool best fits your needs. Our technology will allow you to engage with them about sports and academic achievements, clubs, current students, and more.

How Salesforce Helps Engage Students, Parents, and Alumni

Many Salesforce technologies allow for engagement. The online portal is one of those solutions. Using Salesforce strategic technology reviews for engagement, KELL Partners will create a portal to promote engagement with your school. With Salesforce, you can also engage with your students through marketing automation and email marketing. Our team at KELL Partners can also create a personalized dashboard and report for you. This dashboard will show you which students are and are not involved on campus and provide you with a more in-depth report on your student and alumni’s engagement. Call us at 512-851-8411 if you would like to speak to a team member about how we can help your educational institution!