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Pine Cove

Unified & Transformed

Unified & Transformed

Pine Cove At-a-Glance

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About Pine Cove

Pine Cove gives kids an opportunity for retreat and spiritual transformation at its nine summer camp locations. There are jet skis, ropes courses and swimming pools. Throughout the summertime fun, Pine Cove offers what they like to call a “steadfast focus on the Creator.”

To experience this meaningful adventure, many campers rely on scholarships—totaling over $1.3 million of free outdoor fun in 2015 alone. So Pine Cove needed a serious database. But instead, they had pieces and parts. Salesforce worked exclusively for registrations, while The Raiser’s Edge managed fundraising.

With no integration between the two systems, Pine Cove’s 230 full-time staff and 1700 summer staff struggled to access the full picture on a constituent. The development and camp staff passed data back and forth manually. No comprehensive report was ever up-to-date in real time. To create a report with all the relevant details about campers, Pine Cove hired a full-time analyst for 14 weeks each year.

Pine Cove’s Goals

  1. Find solutions for a tricky integration    
  2. Gain a 360 degree view of constituents
  3. Clean up historical data    
  4. Build dependable reports


Pine Cove needed everything in one database. Salesforce and The Raiser’s Edge, however, are incompatible. And Pine Cove’s system was further complicated by a customized integration with an online registration system, as well as the need to deduplicate across decades of data.

Pine Cove Event



Centralized CRM

Migrating The Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce


Hours Eliminated

Time required to create a detailed report on campers coming to the next session


Week + 1 Data Analyst

No longer necessary just to run reports



Of data cleaned and deduplicated

Improve Data Quality Right at the Start

Data is your most important asset, but every database has some integrity issues. Pine Cove’s was no different. In fact, with a history going back half a century, Pine Cove faced a daunting task of deduplication. Fortunately, a data migration is the perfect opportunity for addressing the legacy data challenges. On the front end of the project, KELL performed a data analysis—getting to know the structure of all tables and fields and how they related to each other—allowing KELL to clean up Pine Cove’s data prior to the migration.

migration flow icons

Migrating The Raiser's Edge to Salesforce

Bringing data from The Raiser’s Edge into Salesforce is a tricky chore. Issues such as inconsistent dropdown values, constituent connections and campaign structures can be minefields during a migration. Through years of experience, however, KELL has fine-tuned a process to transform legacy system data for the Salesforce environment. KELL provided advice and customizations throughout the process of integrating Pine Cove’s two disparate systems.

Data Table

Reports That Tell the Whole Story

With the registration and development data unified under Salesforce, Pine Cove can now access a 360-degree view of constituents. Staff across the organization can see campers, parents and donors—and they know who falls into more than one category. As a result, generating lists based on a constituents’ interactions with Pine Cove is a simple task, and Pine Cove enjoys a full picture of each individual. Oh, and that camper detail report that used to take 80 hours of staff time per session? Now, the report pops up at the touch of a button. The data can be quickly spliced in four ways.

Cover Report

“How do we know that a camper is registered and that the family is a donor? Well, that’s really hard when you’re in Salesforce and then you have Blackbaud The Raiser’s Edge over here on the side.”