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About PAI

PAI's mission is to promote universal access to reproductive health and reproductive rights through research, advocacy and innovative partnerships. PAI champions policies that put women in charge of their reproductive health. They work with policymakers in Washington and a network of partners in developing countries to remove roadblocks between women and the services and supplies they need. 

PAI's raises money from individuals and foundations, and donations include unrestricted funds and grants that may be designated for specific programs. The organization also advocates for reproductive rights in the US and across the world.


PAI Goals

  • Automate disconnected, manual processes
  • Improve Grants Management
  • Comprehensive View of Major Donors
  • Leverage Data To Improve Fundraising & Advocacy

PAI's previous CRM was a mix of standalone systems that made information sharing difficult and limited the organization's ability to build institutional knowledge about their programs and donors. They spent more time on the care and feeding of their systems than on using those systems to advance their mission.

PAI Case Study


Time Spent
Manually loading online donations into CRM now that process is automated 
Grant Visibility
With centralized view of all opportunities, proposals, reports and tasks across foundations
to Days
To onboard a new Foundation Relations team member
View of Donors
Replacing a mix of email threads, shared drives and spreadsheets

Discovering What's Possible

When PAI first began the process of selecting a new CRM, they had very little exposure to the power of a sophisticated fundraising system like Salesforce. 

Their partnership with KELL started with an in-depth discovery process that opened their eyes to new ways that a fundraising platform like Salesforce can help support their mission. 

As a result, the project focus expanded from simply automating existing manual tasks to finding new ways to engage with donors, advocates and other stakeholders.

looking at possibilities


Managing Complex Foundation Relationships

Foundations are a critical part of PAI’s fundraising strategy but their legacy CRM made it difficult to effectively track and understand all the opportunities, grants, people, and affiliations related to each foundation. 

Salesforce NPSP has enabled PAI’s foundation relations team to build organizational intelligence around the people and groups that are most important to their mission. 

In addition to a centralized place to track and report on activities and deliverables related to grant opportunities, PAI can also assign soft-credits to appropriate individuals, whether they’re foundation staff members, board members or other advocates.



The Art of Thank You

Before Salesforce, PAI’s donor data and online giving system were disconnected and difficult to manage. Donor acknowledgement letters were processed quarterly and took a tremendous amount of staff time to prepare and then upload to the appropriate records in their donor database. 

With integrated donor and online platforms, donors now receive acknowledgement letters that are customized to their interest and support level within a week of making a donation. 

Engage With Donors Instead of Paperwork

Engagement Plans

In addition to centralizing all its donor data, PAI also leveraged the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud open platform to integrate data from third party services like WealthEngine.

With a single, comprehensive view of donors integrated with WealthEngine data, PAI now automatically creates and activates custom engagement plans for new donors. Instead of spending time figuring out who does what and when, their team can focus on personally engaging with their most important constituents.    

Wealth Engine Data

Our major donor team is able to spend more time reaching out and getting to know donors instead of managing the process of donor outreach.






Mastering the Grants Lifecycle

Salesforce provides an easy, centralized way to track all the details of any grant starting from the original application process all the way through funding, reporting and completion. Anyone can easily pull up a list of all upcoming deadlines and deliverables across the entire portfolio with just a few clicks. Now, PAI can focus on how to make their programs more effective instead of managing reports and deadlines for the grants that support them. 

Smart, Integrated Online Engagement

With Pardot integrated into their Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, PAI is able to get a more complete picture of how their donors and advocates are engaging with their message and their mission. 

Not only is it easy to create multi-touch email campaigns, they can also measure engagement across their site to better identify and segment their highest value donors and advocates. 

online engagement


Clicks Not Code: Advocacy & Giving Made Easy

Springboard’s digital-first engagement tools enable PAI to easily create, test and measure their donation pages and advocacy action centers so they can focus on optimizing performance instead of creating and coding pages.

It seems so basic, but integrating our online giving with Salesforce has been a game changer for us. We're now able to process donations and quickly send customized acknowledgement letters automatically. We've improved our donor experience, but the biggest payoff has been freeing up our team to work on other projects that advance our mission.

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