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Open Doors USA

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About Open Doors USA

Open Doors USA is a community of Christians who come together to support persecuted believers in more than 60 countries. Its mission is to be used by God as a catalyst for making the stories and needs of the Persecuted Church unavoidable in the hearts and minds of American Christians. Open Doors encourages prayer, advocacy and giving to support persecuted Christians around the world. Open Doors raises awareness and funds through events, online and offline appeals and its website.

Open Doors engages with advocates and donors in person, online and via physical mail. Open Doors supports underlying programs and services that deliver a wide range of support to persecuted Christians in almost every region of the world. Open Doors maintains a World Watch List that highlights areas around the world where the persecution of Christians is most extreme.

Open Doors USA Goals

  • Eliminate disconnected and inflexible systems
  • Customize supporter journeys
  • Streamline the online supporter experience

Nobody’s systems are perfect, but when the required care and feeding of their tech stack prevented Open Doors from quickly responding to a time-sensitive fundraising opportunity, they decided it was time to make a bold change. They chose to replace their mix of Raiser’s Edge and bolt-on systems with a unified, flexible solution built on the Salesforce platform.



All users trained and actively using new, unified Salesforce CRM
No Loss
of Donors
During transition to new recurring payment processor
Legacy records accurately migrated to Salesforce
To Days
Time required to set up and execute a new fundraising appeal

Necessary Shift in Strategy

After years of adding individual components to its technology infrastructure, Open Doors found itself with a cumbersome, inflexible system that was difficult to maintain. The system's complexity also limited their ability to react quickly enough when world events presented opportunities to raise awareness of persecuted Christians. Rather than continuing to bolt on additional systems, Open Doors chose to make a dramatic, but necessary shift to the Salesforce platform including Nonprofit Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

Necessary Shift in Strategy


Meet Supporters Where They Are - Tailored Journeys

Open Doors needed a way to listen for key engagement signals and tailor communications to activate supporters of the mission. KELL integrated Marketing Cloud Journey Builder with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and Springboard to listen and build automated journeys for each segment of supporters. In addition, KELL created a custom preferences center to allow supporters to explicitly update communication preferences and interest areas across channels.

Tailored Journeys

Rich Online User Experience




Online Revamp with Springboard

By rebuilding their online engagement platform with Marketing Cloud and Springboard, Open Doors has a digital first platform that offers a cleaner, richer experience for supporters and a more rigorous toolset for the technology and fundraising teams. Open Door’s new digital ecosystem provides advocates, volunteers and donors with the information they need to get involved across channels. Open Doors teams can experiment with layouts and form options without costly web development or clunky javascript.

Streamline Knowledge for Bigger Impact

By eliminating data silos, Open Doors gained a more comprehensive view of supporters’ interests, preferences and levels of engagement. With a unified CRM, they are now able to better engage with major donors and quickly uncover new opportunities for appeals across different segments of supporters.


Making the Most of Legacy Data

Open Doors treats its data as a gift, not just an asset. Following the example in the biblical parable of the talents, the Open Doors team feels a responsibility to go beyond just protecting its data. They're called to use it to further their mission. When Open Doors moved to a new platform, this approach required a significant effort to clean, map and transform the data so it could be put to good use in Salesforce. 



Like the parable of the talents, Open Doors believes that we have a responsibility to make the most of our gifts, including our data. KELL’s rigorous approach to data migration and their belief in the importance of making legacy data actionable in Salesforce fit perfectly with our mindset.

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