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National Fatherhood Initiative

Breaking Down The Silos

Breaking Down The Silos

National Fatherhood Initiative At-a-Glance

National Fatherhood Initiative
Human Services
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About National Fatherhood Initiative

NFI equips fathers to engage their children. Through community-based, corrections, military, and state and local government agency programs, NFI trains men to be better dads. NFI’s skill-building curricula and staff training form the foundation of fatherhood and family programs across the nation. Through these resources, NFI transforms children’s lives by increasing the proportion growing up with involved, responsible and committed fathers.

The sale of training and other resources generates much of NFI’s revenue. But for many years, this financial picture was spotty. To track sales, staff used Sage CRM, which connected to the accounting system, but not to the online store. Development staff used The Raiser’s Edge to track donors and giving. Both gifts and sales had to be manually entered into their respective systems. As a result, financial reports were incomplete and could be inaccurate. The systems even slowed down NFI’s service to its partners—that is, until NFI took the leap to a fully integrated CRM.

NFI Goals

  1. Unify staff databases
  2. Streamline administrative work
  3. Accurately report and broadcast revenue
  4. Automate manual imports


NFI needed a CRM built to meet staff’s needs, rather than spending time on workarounds to accommodate the siloed systems. They needed to greatly simplify their daily tasks, while improving the accuracy of reporting on both donations and sales.

Dads and their children



Time Reduction

A 15-minute process to generate quotes now takes just 3 minutes


Applications Integrated

Salesforce, Conga and BigCommerce integrated into one system


Centralized CRM

Salesforce now serves as NFI’s hub of activity


Pipeline Visibility

NFI quotes working their way through the pipeline

Customized Integrations to Transform Nonprofit Work

KELL Partners laid the groundwork for NFI’s new system by installing Salesforce Enterprise. This allowed NFI to leverage Salesforce’s standard sales features to manage everything from pricing to forecasts. For the fundraising side of things, KELL integrated a donation and grant-tracking component. For generating quotes and invoices, KELL installed Conga Composer. And finally, KELL customized an integration between Salesforce and BigCommerce, NFI’s existing e-commerce platform. This integration served to synchronize customers, products and sales. As a result, all the data ended up in one accessible place.

Father Source website screenshot

A One-Stop Shop for the
Data that Matters

Salesforce now serves as NFI’s hub of activity. It’s where all leads, customer accounts and sales data are stored and analyzed. And since all the add-on systems are now integrated, NFI finally has a complete picture of its transactions. This 360-degree view empowers NFI to more efficiently deliver a higher volume of sales to a greater number of program partners—with a significantly improved customer experience. Staff can run valuable reports, such as monthly revenue by customer type, and feel confident about the data.

view product reviews screenshot

Today’s Insights Tell Tomorrow’s Story

Accurate reporting on current revenue is one thing. But Salesforce is even helping NFI to tell the future. The newly integrated system allows NFI to see the amount of quotes working their way through the pipeline. That financial insight is extremely valuable for assessing the organization’s stability and making decisions about strategy. And for NFI, stability translates into a promise that they can continue providing resources to fatherhood and family programs throughout the country.

data insights screenshot

“By having all the information in one place, it gives us a much better ability to have a picture of what’s going on with our business.”