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About MS Canada

The MS Society of Canada (MS Canada) provides services to people with multiple sclerosis and their families, and funds research to find the cause and cure for this disease. With a membership of over 7,000, it is the only national voluntary organization in Canada that supports both MS research and services. Since its founding in 1948, the core support of the MS Society has been from tens of thousands of dedicated individuals, companies and foundations in communities across Canada. The Society receives almost no funding from government.

MS Canada has a number of important constituencies: people with MS, their families and friends, donors, corporate sponsors, event participants and sponsors, volunteers and advocates. In order to pursue its mission effectively, MS Canada decided to invest in building and growing the relationships with each of these constituents. Salesforce and the Salesforce App ecosystem gave them the opportunity to do just that.

MS Canada's Goals

  • Eliminate silos with a unified CRM
  • Comprehensive view of constituent engagement
  • Drive decisions based on data
  • Find a long-term Salesforce partner

MS Canada's goals were simple to define but difficult to execute. They needed to replace their old silos of information with a modern, unified CRM that would provide a comprehensive view of their constituents and help them make better decisions. They also needed a partner who could understand and address their complex multi-location and multi-lingual needs. 

MS Canada


2 Yrs
Effectively manage a multi-year, multi- location, multi-language project
4 to 1
Migrated data from four legacy systems into a single CRM, integrated with P2P fundraising
Synced regularly with Salesforce
Balanced national, local and multi-lingual needs.

Unlock the Value of Legacy Data

Moving to a unified CRM, MS Canada wanted to actually use their constituent data rather than simply store it. The combined MS Canada / KELL team worked through almost ten million records across 590 data tables with over 11,000 individual fields to get to the few hundred fields that would be migrated to Salesforce. Data cleanup and transformation rules were created to address the needs of bilingual stakeholder and the national office requirements for accurate accounting, allocation and receipting. The end result is years of valuable donor, volunteer and fundraising information that MS Canada can use to better engage with and serve its constituents.

Unlock the Value of Legacy Data


Comprehensive View of Constituent Engagement

MS Canada's strategic goal in moving to Salesforce was to invest in the relationships they have with all their constituents. A critical component of this effort was to eliminate data silos to gain a more comprehensive view of all the ways they engage with individuals. Now that Salesforce is running nationally, MS Canada can better understand how constituent engagement spans different activities such as event participation, donations and advocacy.

Comprehensive View of Constituents

Unified View of Major Donors

Improve Leadership Giving Programs

MS Canada's major donors program, called "Leadership Giving", is a critical component of their overall fundraising strategy.  As one of the first groups to go live on Salesforce, the Leadership Giving team now has more accurate information and better visibility into fundraising efforts across the country.  With Salesforce dashboards and reports, the team can easily measure progress toward quarterly and annual goals and identity areas where extra attention can make the most positive impact.


Choosing the Right Partner

MS Canada wanted to find the right partner who would go the extra mile to understand their unique needs and challenges. One example was the need to plan the CRM implementation around the busy events season when most of the outdoor fundraising events (walks, bikes, etc.) take place. Working with KELL Partners, they mapped out a unique project approach that limited the demands on MS Canada during the events season while still hitting tight budget and timeline goals.. 


Unique Project Schedule


Picking the right partner was critical to our success. Every big project like ours will have times when issues arise and people feel stressed. Throughout our two year project, KELL was thoughtful and proactive in finding solutions for issues that arose to help keep us on time and on budget. It sounds cliche, but it really felt like we were all on the same team.

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