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Harlem Pride

Harlem Pride At-a-Glance
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About Harlem Pride

Healthy communities drive Harlem Pride’s work. The group’s advocacy unites LGBT people, allies and organizations throughout Upper Manhattan. Services include workshops on health, trans needs, homeless youth and other issues of importance to the community.

This sense of fellowship extends to Harlem Pride’s fundraising model, fueled largely by memberships and events. You don’t just support Harlem Pride—you become part of it. Unfortunately, the organization’s database didn’t always fit this relationship-oriented business model. In the sixth year, however, Harlem Pride hit some major milestones. It was time to unleash the full power of Salesforce.

For most of the organization’s tasks, the Nonprofit Success Pack worked well right out of the box, but the organization needed certain customizations. Chief among these was a more flexible connection between membership and payment. Fortunately, Salesforce is a fully customizable relational database, and the KELL Partners team loves adapting it for the benefit of unique nonprofits.

Harlem Pride Goals

  • Save time on administrative tasks
  • Simplify membership renewals
  • Make data-informed decisions
  • Streamline reporting processes

Many Harlem Pride supporters buy several memberships at once, multiplying the organization’s reach. In theory, this is great news. But in practice, native Salesforce made it difficult to target the right person for renewal. The organization also needed full integration with critical third-party apps.

Harlem Pride


Salesforce is now fully integrated with Soapbox and Click & Pledge
Preparing reports, thanks to a fully integrated system
Without dedicated staff, they needed simplicity and efficiency
Membership Objects
Providing an automated solution for managing members

Building a Fully Integrated Foundation

KELL integrated Salesforce with add-ons that Harlem Pride was already using. These included the Nonprofit Success Pack, Click & Pledge for online fundraising, Soapbox Mailer for mass emails, and Soapbox Engage for petitions, donations and events. Before the integration, Harlem Pride volunteers created reports by pulling data from multiple sources and manually piecing it all together. Once these programs could “talk” to one another, the organization became empowered to spend less time on reporting—and more on programs.

Harlem Pride Salesforce Dashboard

Tailoring the System for a Unique Organization

KELL redefined the fundamental structure of memberships in Salesforce. To provide more power and versatility than other systems, Salesforce allows for the capturing of non-standard data points in an "object," which is Salesforce's mode of data storage. Objects included by default include those in standard tabs, such as contacts. Custom objects expand the possibilities by storing information unique to a particular organization. In the case of Harlem Pride, custom objects made it possible to track membership in just the right way.

Harlem Pride Volunteer Dashboard
Handing the Reins to an Empowered Staff

KELL created a seamless architecture on which Harlem Pride continues to build. With Salesforce, they are integrating additional apps to visualize what programs and services truly help, what’s needed, and who wants to be more involved in the community. After wrapping up the organization’s most successful fundraiser in terms of attendance and visibility, Harlem Pride’s board feels inspired about the future. They’re looking forward to making data informed decisions and feel confident about each step that they take.

Harlem Pride Salesforce
"We're growing and improving on using our data to drive decisions. That will be easier going forward thanks to KELL!"

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