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Since 1999, FORCE has offered lifesaving resources to people dealing with hereditary breast, ovarian and related cancers. With Salesforce, KELL helped FORCE customize this support like never before. Through the Peer Navigation Program, FORCE now matches individuals with specially trained volunteers who traveled a similar journey.


Impact summary: Oncologists and genetic counselors are referring patients to the tool. Enthusiastic testimonials are pouring in from both participants and volunteers. The Peer Navigator Program is making a huge impact.

FORCE Peer Program


170 people received personalized support and navigation, only 3 months after program launch

Less than 2 staff members need to administer the national Peer Navigation Program

Tripled the number of one-to-one virtual support provided

98% of users say their Peer Navigator was a good match for their situation

Over 110 Peer Navigator Volunteers interviewed and trained

Customized Matchmaking

FORCE needed an efficient way to match people across the U.S.—based on several criteria. KELL designed a custom solution: two intake forms, one for volunteers and one for people seeking help, to feed data directly into a customized matching interface within Salesforce.

Easy to act upon

FORCE can now easily bring together individuals with similar demographics and circumstances, as well as create personalized resource guides for each participant. The confidential support provided through this customized match empowers the participant to make informed decisions with their healthcare provider.

FORCE Profile Matching

Data to Support the Mission

A rich and customized database now supports all of FORCE’s programming through detailed reporting. Staff can quickly pull information for grants and sponsors. Information gathered on FORCE’s volunteers helps to connect individuals with media and research opportunities.

Salesforce Data to Support the Mission
“KELL pulled together our concepts and made them into a reality and made it pretty simple, too. Along the way, the whole team has worked to make all my changes possible on a tight schedule. That really helps us feel more confident about our program.”

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