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Emergency Infant Services

Critical Services, Faster

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

About Emergency Infant Services

Emergency Infant Services (EIS) provides practical, immediate help to young children whose families are experiencing hardship or crisis. The Tulsa-based nonprofit organization distributes essentials such as diapers, wipes, formula, food, and clothing, but they don’t stop there. Every family who comes to the EIS office gets a one-on-one interview with a trained member of the EIS team, who then works to meet the family’s immediate needs and connect them with a network of partner agencies and other resources for additional support.

EIS provides critical support to over 20,000 children in the Tulsa area every year – and it’s only possible thanks to a dedicated network of supporters and volunteers who donate the time, money, and supplies needed to keep the community’s most vulnerable children safe, warm, and fed.

EIS Goals

  1. Paperless client check-in process
  2. Faster, more efficient client visits
  3. Accurate, secure client data collection
  4. Optimized staff and inventory planning


EIS had previously worked with Kell Partners to replace their outdated legacy software system with Salesforce. They were delighted with the results – and ready to take things to the next level by using Salesforce to transform their manual, time-consuming client check-in process.

The leadership team was excited about streamlining the check-in process, but the true goal of the project went beyond eliminating inefficiencies such as paper and manual data entry. EIS wanted to use Salesforce to make it easier for more families to access EIS’s services
and for more children to get the help they need.




Families visiting EIS enter data on an iPad instead of filling out manual forms.



So EIS can see more families and help more children every day


Client Insight

Thanks to accurate data collection & automatic Salesforce updates


Inventory & Staffing

Based on when most clients visit EIS and what services they need most

Faster Help for Families in Crisis

EIS and KELL began working together in 2019 when EIS was looking for a partner to help implement Salesforce to replace their decades old custom client management system.

After the successful implementation, KELL continued to provide on-demand Salesforce support to EIS’s IT team.

When EIS decided it was time to update their check-in process and streamline in-person client visits, they knew exactly who to ask for help.

The KELL team designed and built a custom solution to help EIS provide a better client experience and help more children and families with urgent needs.

A Stress-Free Check-In Experience

EIS’s old client check-in process was stressful for everyone. First-time clients in need of help – often with young children in tow – had to fill out multiple paper forms with details about their family and current situation.

And then they had to wait while EIS front desk staff manually entered the information in Salesforce, fielded questions from other clients, and connected them with a staff member or volunteer for a 1:1 interview.

Even returning clients had to complete “express” forms before picking up supplies. You can imagine how slow the process was – and how quickly things backed up on busy days.

KELL implemented a new, paperless check-in process using Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Now when clients visit EIS, they enter their information on an iPad, and the data gets automatically updated to Salesforce.

There’s no more paper, no more waiting for manual data entry, and no more check-in stress for families or EIS staff.

Making Services Accessible for Everyone

EIS is committed to helping as many children and families as possible – and that means making sure that services are easy to access for people who speak multiple languages.

In particular, Tulsa has a large Spanish-speaking community, and EIS wanted to ensure their new check-in process worked seamlessly in both English and Spanish.

It seems like a simple ask, but it took some serious technical skill to figure out how to build (and maintain) everything in two languages.

The KELL team was up to the challenge. We created a complete set of digital intake forms – including an express form for returning clients – in both languages and made sure the process flowed smoothly and provided a great user experience.

Now EIS offers families in need a smooth digital check-in experience that works equally well in English and Spanish.

Less Time Processing, More Time Helping

Over the last couple of years, the number of families asking EIS for help has increased from an average of 30 – 40 per day to 70 – 80 (and sometimes 90) per day.

The EIS team expects this trend to continue, and their new check-in process is a critical part of their plan to meet the growing needs of low-income families in Tulsa.

EIS receptionists use the time they save on data entry and paper wrangling to give more attention to clients. Clients get assigned to EIS team members faster, and interview wait times are shorter.

With more efficient check-in, EIS is able to conduct more interviews, distribute more supplies, and help more children every single day.

Our new paperless check-in process frees up the time and attention of our front desk staff. Check-in is much faster, easier, and more efficient, and that leads to more efficient client interviews. Everything about our in-office visits is much smoother for clients and staff, which is really important because we’re expecting more demand than ever in 2023.

Better Data, Better Decisions, Better Relationships

Paperless client check-in isn’t just faster – it’s also more accurate and gives clients more control over their own data.

Think about it: mistakes are inevitable when busy receptionists have to decipher client handwriting and type data in manually.

Now clients enter their own data, which leads to fewer mistakes and enables the EIS team to provide services that better meet individual client needs. This helps foster trust in EIS and nurture stronger relationships with clients.

And we’re not done yet – there’s one more benefit of digital check-in. Because client data gets entered and uploaded to Salesforce in real-time, EIS can use it to identify trends around when clients visit EIS and what supplies they need. Based on these trends, EIS forecasts demand and makes sure to have extra staff and inventory on hand during busy times.