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On November 17th, Salesforce rolled out a brand new mobile application that offers System Administrators power on the go. This free app allows you to manage users, access release and documentation and complete user management tasks while you’re on your way to your next meeting, sitting on the subway or even walking your dog.

Why Nonprofit System Admins Should Use the New SalesforceA Mobile App      Why Nonprofit System Admins Should Use the New SalesforceA Mobile App


Here are the top 3 features of this app that nonprofit system admins should take advantage of:

1. Manage Users

One of the cool things about the SalesforceA app is that it gives you the ability to manage users on the go. All your user information is literally at your fingertips. You can easily search, view, and edit standard user information as well as assign permission sets. It should be noted that you do not have the ability to create new users though, this will still need to be done at your desktop.

2. Reset Passwords

We’ve all received frantic emails or calls from users not being able to login. With this app, never again will your users be at a standstill for any longer than it takes you to pull your phone out. From the home screen, you can easily see the number of users who are frozen or locked out. With a couple taps, you can easily reset passwords and keep business processes in motion.

3. Access Release and Documentation

In addition to being fun (and cute), the rocket found at the bottom of the home screen really does launch you into a plethora of information useful to any Salesforce Admin. Ideas, User Groups, MVP Blog, Events and Answers are all available to you. Use the search capability to narrow down Answers, give a thumbs up to the latest idea in the IdeaExchange, or stay connected to the Salesforce MVP blog for more insight.

Although there are some restrictions, the new app does give nonprofit Salesforce admins extra access that they didn’t have in the past and that is reason enough to take advantage. I would definitely expect this mobile tool to keep growing in the next Salesforce releases, for now I would recommend that admins take it out for a test drive! You can download the app at the Apple App Store or Google Play.